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Dice Roll…..Advanced

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Get your team to take it in turns to throw two dice. A six-sided dice controls the body weight exercise, with a 20-sided dice controlling the number of repetitions performed (1-20). Type: Teamwork & Muscular Endurance Intensity: 4 Class Concept: … Read More


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Take your group on a distance based run (approx. 3-5 km) carrying a rope or other equipment. Every five minutes they stop and undertake a short 3-4 min static workout to a music. Type: Cardio Endurance Intensity: 3 Class Concept … Read More


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A competition cardio circuit where the aim is for pairs to work together to complete as many laps of an oval as they can. This is a very hard cardio and muscular endurance session with little rest during each set. … Read More

Pump Class Intervals

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This is a countdown circuit conducted in pairs. One person starts the countdown, and the other person runs. When the runner returns they continue the countdown where the other person left off. Class Type: Endurance Class Intensity: 4 Class Overview: … Read More

Boxing Cross Over

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This is a tough little drill combining lunge walks with boxing. Set a number of reps to work from with each ‘cross-over’ reducing the number of reps required. Modify the reps or the distance to adjust the difficulty. Type: Boxing … Read More


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Try this Tabata inspired challenge! This is an individual challenge where everyone is to remember their own scores. Type: Cardio Vascular Endurance Intensity: 5 Class Overview: In running this session, the aim is to stay within the score set in … Read More

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